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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trendspotting: Unexpected Models

Have people become very jaded about fashion ad campaigns?  The surest way to get attention for fashion brands these days seems to be to use the "aww" factor in your photo shoot...

Chinese clothing shop owner Liu Xianping was being aided by her 72 year old grandfather when she was putting together her collection for the upcoming season.  He started giving styling advice and one thing led to another and he ended starring as the model for her website.  He works those looks.  The story went viral internationally and sales of her shop, Yuekou increased by 5 times.

Following on the heels of Choupette Lagerfeld and the Algonquin Hotel fashion show, Juicy Couture cast frisky felines as the stars of their accessories campaign.  Cute? Yup. Am I worried about allergies when I try them on? A little.

Cats are every bit the divas that their human counterparts are...Check out the hilarious outtakes reel: 

Eco-friendly collection EDUN by Ali Hewson had birds as the co-stars for their Fall 2012 campaign.  This is less "aww" than Hitchcock nightmare for me though.  While they are beautiful, some of the images of the birds in flight with the models looking perplexed just look like it was a better idea in theory than execution. See the full campaign here.

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