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Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide - Gold and Glitter

gold gift guide
It's all about luxury and decadence for the holidays.  Whatever the economic world is doing, the wish list world can be optimistic.  Here is my round-up of the most covet-worthy gold and glittering fashion gift guide for the holidays:

Ridiculous Splurge:
Hermes came out with a diamond studded rose gold chain mail handbag that costs more than many homes at $578 000.  However, if you were one of the recent Powerball lottery, feel free to drop this under my tree. By request at  (212) 751-3181.

Luxe Wish List:
The sparkly Jimmy Choo Vamp Glitterstrap sandals would look divine with any little black dress you could come with for that holiday soiree ($653).

Attainable Luxury:
Kate Spade's gold polka dot cuff makes sure you don't take the glitz too seriously with an aspirational price point of $73 .  Also, I just love cuffs.

Rebecca Minkoff's gold Mini-Mac is the perfect handbag for day-to-night holiday event hopping at $ 250.  Never mind that I already have this bag in black and cranberry, I love it in metallic gold too.  It's just the right size for a night out since it holds my phone, makeup and money.  It's compact enough to tuck under my arm.

Oscar de la Renta's gold filagree necklace definitely makes a statement for even the most simple of cocktail dresses ($134).

Alexander McQueen's edgy gold patent studded wallet is just smokin' ($285)

Budget Stocking stuffers:
I really love my Foot Petals!  These guys keep me from screaming in pain in my heels.  I love any little foot cushions that keep me in comfort.  Foot Petals are not supposed to be seen, but let's face it, you always get ambushed when you arrive at a friend or relative's house for a party and find that you have to leave your precious Louboutins at the door.  If, they're not actually, Louboutins, but a less than impressive label, on-trend metallic gold Foot Petals ($7) have you covered.  (They also have fun prints too).

Text and font prints are de rigeur.  Having a shiny Diane von Furstenburg phone case to flash around is even better ($23).

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