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Friday, November 30, 2012

Alexander Wang Takes Over Balenciaga

It's official!  After months of speculation and insiders leaking the news, the official announcement came out today. Edgy, Downtown designer Alexander Wang will take the reins at iconic Paris fashion house Balenciaga.

Wang will be replacing Nicolas Ghesquière who leaves this week.  There are critics that say Alex's street style is not a good fit for the established atelier.  To that, I ask you to consider Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.  Marc Jacobs was New York's original street style bad boy who brought grunge to the mainstream runways, and now Louis Vuitton, as a luxury brand is hotter and more relevant than ever.

Talent trumps transcends the pigeon-holes that labels get pinned into.  Having met the very young Alexander Wang and his family in a series of interviews two years ago, my original skepticism was quickly shed in seeing exactly how hard he and his team work.  He was keenly aware of every aspect of his operation and the fact that his now global empire rode on his shoulders.

Congratulations to my fellow Parsons alumni and good luck!
Photo by Elle.fr

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