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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Suboo Embellished Swim 2016

suboo swim 2016

 Suboo brought the swim style from Down Under. The Australian swimwear brand showed a posh, embellished collection at the elegant Setai hotel in Miami. Bikinis certainly dominated the runway. From the amount of skin on display, the teenier the better.

Designer Sue Di Chio worked rich prints into the fabrics. There were options for the small chested to the underwired tops for fuller women. Most striking was the variety of embellishments and embroidery on these bikinis. There were graphic sequin patterns, 3-dimensional beading in abstract designs or chunky floral motifs.

photos by David TW Leung
Each runway ensemble was additionally styled with dramatic, over-sized statement jewelry. Huge necklaces that doubled as body sculptures or bracelet cuffs. They looked like bigger, knotted versions of the embroidery on the suits themselves. Hair was styled with pop color extensions or long colored feathers. I thought of it as Blue Lagoon chic on acid.

Suboo 2016 was gorgeous, sultry and fun. Bondi Beach in Australia is legendary and I wouldn't be surprised if this collection is the reason.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Top Trends from Miami Swim Week

The hottest fashion shows of the country (both literally and in attitude) was in South Beach. Distinct fashion trends from Miami Swim Week emerged. We rounded up the top trends for the beach for the upcoming year:

Get a hold on the best fashion trends for the beach

Flash Tattoos 
Metallic body jewelry was everywhere. I saw these on multiple runways and all over the streets. It makes sense. actual jewelry is too heavy in the humidity and how else do you glam up your look when you're wearing nothing more than a few inches of bikini?

This was the one of the top trends for the fall 2015 shows in New York Fashion Week. This detail also ruled the runways of Miami as well. Fringe decorated everything from necklines to sleeves to skirts and tunic hems. Any body part you can shake is a place that you can add some fringe.

The Butt-revealing Cut
 The posterior is the erogenous zone of this decade. While thongs are more daring than many women are comfortable with, the high-cut back to frame the behind was popular across almost every collection I saw in South Beach. I'm just waiting for the hip-hop community to immortalize this silhouette in music.

Photos by Mariana Leung and David TW Leung
Bollywood Chic
Several swimwear labels looked to the East for their muse this season. The Filthy Haanz show used gold thread embroidery, color-blocked styles inspired by the Indian flag and prints that took its muse from the graffiti of Mumbai. Dijana's fashion show opened with traditional Indian dancers. San Lorenzo Bikinis opened their show paying tribute to yoga and multi-limbed deities.

South Beach brought the heat. Now it's up to your to bring Miami Swim Week's hot trends to your own sandy runway.

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by Ms. Fabulous at Mode

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Miami Swim Week: Lila Nikole 2016

miami swim week lila nikole
lila nikole 2016

The runway shows of Miami Swim Week hosted collections from all over the world. Lila Nikole 2016 however, was the hot swimwear label that actually represented the locals. The designer brought her own Latin heritage and the South Florida community to the catwalk of South Beach's 1 Hotel.

photos by Mariana Leung
There were ultra-bright solid hues and vivid prints as part of the avant-garde swimwear cuts. There were super-high cut legs or backsides or cap sleeve suits and plunging necklines. The sporty feel of the collection was emphasized with the over-sized visor shades and high-top sneakers that accessorized the models.

Being a part of the local community, Lila Nikole involves herself and the company with organizations like Make-a-Wish and the Boys and Girl's Club of Miami. Her fans include celebs like Kim Kardashian and Mya.

Her swimwear outfits the local sports team's cheerleaders to really show her neighborhood pride.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Miami Swim Week: Gottex 2016

gottex miami swim week
miami swim gottex

Gottex is one of the poshest swimwear collections at Miami Swim Week. Something about their vivid color prints and detailing just makes their swimwear look like only fit in on a million-dollar yacht in St. Tropez or Cannes.

I just can't picture a woman swimming laps in a generic pool, or barely getting wet in these looks in general. There were elegant hardware embellishments, eveningwear style shirring, and metallic fabrics. I fell in love with the gorgeous embroidered flowers, but would be afraid to destroy them at the nearest swim-up bar.

Perhaps that's just the accomplishment of the designers to create a collection that looks that lovely. The luxury swimwear label is accessible but doesn't look it. It maintains an upscale persona for customers to strive for.

The look is sexy, but more flattering (i.e. forgiving) than they initially look. The twist front styling or the shirring at the waist disguise softer parts. The low cuts or high cuts elongate parts of the body you would want to extend. The sheer wraps of fabric around the body conceal and distract the eye more than reveal. As you can see, playing with a flowing piece of material just looks dramatic (and fun).

Gottex Swimwear 2016 will be your go-to label when you want to dress to impress at the beach club. If you want the look of high-end designer details, but still be able to fall into the pool, this collection is for you.
photos by Mariana Leung

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Miami Swim Week: Maaji 2016 Rhapsody Road

miami swim week maaji
maaji bikini 2016
So who is ready to hit the road? Columbian label Maaji brought the most enticing mix of athleisure, active and swimwear to the Miami Swim Week Funkshion runway. I love watching their fashion shows, no other designers commit so fully to accessorizing their looks as this collection.

The designers include Juliana LondoƱo, Nani Valenzuela and Andrea Gomez. As sexy as the whimsically printed bikinis, shorts and activewear was, it really was meant to carry out a goat road trip. Men (yay!) and women strutted their tanned bodies to project activities like hiking, yoga, tennis, paddling in the cutest outfits you could want. Multi-pocketed vests (like my Dad would wear) helmets, rackets or a backpack bigger than the model were all a part of the Maaji look this season.

maaji activewear 2016

The color palette was a bunch of candy colors like floss pink, turquoise, lemon yellow, lime and orange.It was very much a traveller, hippie journey (complete with macrame details) with the quirkiest group of your friends. It all ended with a huge runway selfie with the design team.

The show reminded me of that last nostalgic summer with your buddies before everyone headed off to be an adult. Enjoy the Maaji 2016 road trip!

maaji fashion show
photos by Mariana Leung

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Miami Swim Week: San Lorenzo Bikinis 2016

san lorenzo bikinis 2016
miami swim san lorenzo

 San Lorenzo Bikinis brought serenity from Hawaii. Designer Lisseth Figueroa started in Peru before moving to the South Pacific. Like many of the top swimwear labels, Figueroa found the market was missing the South American silhouettes with a Hawaiian sensibility.

The San Lorenzo Bikinis runway at Miami Swim Week was a display of zen. The theme was "Mind, Bali and Soul". The models strolled down the runway with tropical flowers entwined in their hair or carried in baskets for a message of hospitality. The opening look emulated a multi-limbed deity, while other looks carried spiritual symbols.

The suits themselves naturally included many bikinis. Some were barely there, held together with a creative arrangement of ties. My favorite style was the wrap bikini with cutouts on the side offered in solid colors and prints. The prints were a mix of pastel watercolor textures that the zen of rippling water. The star one-piece suit however, was the majestic lion's head print.

The collection was designed for versatility. Tops and bottoms were intended to be interchangeable and fabrics used were often reversible. It's no surprise that San Lorenzo Bikinis has fans in celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Behati Prinsloo and Kate Hudson.

san lorenzo swimwear
photos by David TW Leung
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