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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Miami Swim Week: Maaji 2017

maaji fashion show
The winner of best styling of Miami Swim Week goes to Maaji's Summer 2017 runway show. The Columbian swimwear brand always takes a theme and go crazy with it. This season, it was a 1970's, weekend getaway, summer camp vibe. I watched the super-charged energy of the rehearsal with glee, knowing this would be a terrific fashion show to shoot.

Unfortunately, the roller skating models were taken out during the actual show as there were too many accidents waiting to happen. Big bunches of balloons, giant inflatable doughnuts, surfboards and all manner of pastel props like oversized cameras, radios and sunglasses were part of the theme. Large lifesaver rings were perfect for framing certain parts of the body. Exaggerated ice cream cones and sippy cups provided a provocative prop for models to pose with.

Motifs were mermaids and sea-inspired. There were retro patterns and a sunny bright pastel color palette with rib knits and textured jacquard. In addition to swimwear, there were athleisure pieces and board shorts for the guys. Dresses had 1970s style ruffles. The athletic wear was more functional than pure fashion. There were printed soft nylon mesh fabric with engineered supportive bras and compression features in the zippered bottoms. The models may have been loaded up with accessories for a theatrical catwalk, but deep down, Maaji gear is for active lifestyles.

You have to love a brand that produces a show with a Go Big or Go Home attitude. Maaji summer 2017 is one of my favorite design labels to show in Miami, and they did not disappoint.
maaji miami fashion
Photos by Mariana Leung

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Miami Fashion Week: Gottex Swimwear 2017

gottex summer 2017
gottex fashion showGottex is remembered as the elegant show of Miami Swim Week. The models are styled with long, flowing cover-ups that easily double as evening wear. This label always has my favorite prints. The standout patterns included a rich, dark peacock and a graphic animal print that looked like a stripe. Speaking of stripes, there were some great silhouettes where stripes were used to flattering effwct around the body.

While some swimwear is great for partying or sunning at the beach, Gottex looks like it is perfect for striking a pose on a yacht. Design director Keren Gasner has been great at moving the brand ahead with classic sophistication, but updated silhouettes and prints. Simply beautiful. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Miami Swim Week: Luli Fama 2017

hora loca luli fama
luli fama summer 2017
rachel vallori bikiniThe runway was on FIRE. Luli Fama is one of the crowded fashions at Funkshion Miami because they always open with a bang. For Summer 2017, the show opened with edgy dancers from Black Wine events with Mohawks, flames, and Steampunk. 

The models strutted down the runway with some extra sultry attitude, driving the male photographers on the riser into a frenzy. The teeny bikinis did not hurt. The bottoms were mostly cut with a low rise with delicate ties on the side for quick removal. Tops were cut to complement the curve of the bust. Prints were injected with color in artful patterns both abstract and floral. Cover-ups included slip dresses, cropped jackets, and wraps that were coordinated with the suits. They had a polished look that could take you from beach to brunch.

Luli Fama summer 2017 was another great production. Fans and photographers love them. They make every Miami fashion week a treat!
Photos by Mariana Leung

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Miami Swim Week: Lume Swimwear 2017

Ready to make your body a canvas? Lume Swimwear believes in fashion, art and giving back. Their Summer 2017 collection featured several artwork styles. There was an abstract painted brushstroke design, tribal patterns, and mosaic tile prints. 

Lume Swimwear commits itself to producing an ethical fashion brand and fair trade. They pay their worker's fair wages but also donate a percentage of the profits back to the communities of their employees. They consider themselves a collection with a conscience. In manufacturing, they do not use water in their printing process and use recycled plastic for their packaging.

The styles were rather sporty. The halter neck bikini top was popular with Lume Swimwear this season, as were ruffled crops and pieces with contrast straps. While most models in fashion shows maintain a cool demeanor, all of the models at this show were having a great time smiling and flirting with the photographers. The long tassels on some looks were great for swinging around. Little fringe trimmed cover-ups were also used to photogenic effect.

If you want to splurge on a swimwear brand that makes you feel good and looks good, Lume Swimwear's 2017 collection would be the place to shop!
all photos by Mariana Leung


Blogger Love: Firsts for Everything

My fellow bloggers were trying new things this week. From competing in pageants, first modeling jobs, nail art, and my contribution, blending my own perfume in Paris, Summer style was still on blogger's minds, particularly crop tops! Prints, florals, fringe and ruffles rounded out the warm weather fashion obsessions.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Miami Swim Week: Lila Nikole & Kruzin Footwear Summer 2017

This fashion show from Lila Nikole and Kruzin Footwear wins the award for being the first to rain out of the runway. The show started an hour late to the detriment of the designers. All of the guests had watched the increasing onslaught of lightning the entire hour leading up to the show.

The outdoor runway was suspended over the new venue of the Nautilus hotel. The show opened with a great tribal print bikini and extra long wrap by designer Lila Nikole. The Summer 2017 collection was called "Tribez." It looked to Native warriors as the muse. It featured updated tribal prints in color palettes inspired by African tribes.

The swimwear looks were paired with Kruzin footwear, a flashy footwear brand launched by Alessandra Gold, a Miami-based stylist. My favorite shoes were the metallic leather high tops with extended laces. The brand is a favorite among rappers Lil Wayne and Flo Rida.

Unfortunately, the models and guest were rained right off the runway. The downpour came crashing down and soaked everything and everyone. While the lightning and thunder started, I was keenly aware that the photographer pit was positioned directly under a tall metal structure of lights right in the middle of the open pool area. Had the show started on time, all would have been good. Since it was so late, I'm sure many people missed out on some great looks.

Lila Nikole and Alessandra Gold of Kruzin at Miami Swim week were a great duo of female designers. Too bad it was a soggy one.
Photos by Mariana Leung
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