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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

J. Mendel Spring 2015 Collaboration with Enoc Perez

j mendel dress
j mendel enoc perez
The most iconic fashion designers in history are the ones that collaborate with fine artists. Gilles Mendel and artist Enoc Perez showed a distinct partnership on the runway for the J. Mendel spring 2015 collection.

The pair joins the ranks of artist/fashion design pairs like Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli. The clothing on the catwalk was a wearable interpretation of Enoc Perez’s architecture renderings.  His signature cross-hatched paintings were printed on dresses.  There were highly textured woven/embroidered pieces that expressed the pattern.  Even the luxurious furs that are a J. Mendel staple had elements of Perez architecture. 

Less obvious were the flowing, light dresses that floated beautifully when the models walked.  Some of the simple color blocking or solid colored frocks might have taken the spirit of Enoc Perez’s Shapes artwork. 

The handbags were chic, squared off and stylish. Aside from the colors, they shape or finish didn't correspond to the collection and artist inspiration. 

As Gilles Mendel worked with Perez to collaborate on a collection in tribute to his work, the artist in turn created a book of collages as homage to Mendel’s work. With some fashion collections inspired by an artist, the effect is often great for editorial, or even gimmicky.  However this collection was thoroughly wearable and flattering, regardless of if the customer was aware of the muse or not.  With all of the mass market “collaborations” with designers that water down their aesthetic, I love seeing a true creative collaboration that elevates the work of both parties.
photos by Mariana Leung, artwork by Enoc Perez

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Street Style Meets Street Art in NYC

msfabulous mcqueen dress

I came to New York to go to design school.The city offers endless inspiration with its NYC street art making everything around you an urban gallery. The colors and textures of the murals act as a frame for the style and fashion on the sidewalks.  When Perrier asked me to share the work that I love, I jumped at the chance.

My favorite mural in the city has to be the Eduardo Kobra work in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. I love strolling south along the elevated Highline Park and seeing the bright colors of his second story window unveiled through the trees. It is a romantic piece, his rendition of the famous Times Square photograph of the VJ Day kiss. 

chelsea mural graffiti

In a city of such great work, the walls act as a frame for the pavement runway. The galleries in Chelsea continuously churn out fashionable people who stride from side to side to admire the next artistic genius. I wanted to pay tribute to the psychedelic color palette of this Brazilian artist when I climbed down off the Highline to pose in front of the street level mural of vintage cars and pedestrians. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but Kobra was one of the artists chosen by Perrier to redesign their bottle and label. He helped bring the spirit of graffiti and a Technicolor touch to their new campaign. Perrier was clearly as inspired by his work as I was. 

I see how the super bright colors of Eduardo Kobra art merge seamlessly into the dark industrial edges of New York. The fashion industry is often chided for our love of the color black as a uniform.  Seeing Kobra’s work showed me how to style the most exaggerated of hues with my staple noir wardrobe.  In this world, everything else is the new black.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Fairy Tale Shoes of Sophia Webster

angel wing shoes

Forget Cinderella. Sophia Webster’s shoes are already a cult favorite for those who dare to dream. Her angel winged shoes look like someone robbed Hermes of his prized footwear and made them sexy. Her collection only launched in 2013, but it has already made fans of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Carey Mulligan.

I saw these shoes in the Starworks PR showroom and they immediately pulled me in. The shapes and color lines are dazzling. They have a quirky, whimsical quality, but they are exquisitely produced as great British design always seems to be. Besides “shoe designer” Sophia Webster also lists herself as “Flamingo enthusiast” on her social media profiles. She loves unicorns, even posting a care guide on Facebook.

fantasy shoesShe was a former protégée of shoe legend Nicholas Kirkwood before breaking out with her own collection with a bang. She has already won numerous British Fashion Council awards in her first year.  She caught the eye of J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons and landed a collaboration this season.

Sophia Webster is quickly becoming the IT-shoe designer that the stylish set will covet. No one will be foolish enough to leave one of these behind at the ball.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blogger Love: Gearing Up


Oh man, it's really starting to feel like the HOLIDAYS. Get your beauty treatments in order, because before you know it, it's GO TIME. You know, the parties, the traveling, the gifts, enough to make anyone's head spin. That's why this week we have an excellent selection of how-tos, guides and handy posts that will help you keep a level head when everything else is going bonkers.

Links a la Mode: November 13th

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Holiday Party Secret Weapon: Jergens

The holiday season is about to rear its sparkly head. You are already lining up your party schedule and wardrobe. Before you even dress up, you need to make sure you look good underneath. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is a new find for me just in time for the winter assault on my skin. 

While BB cream for the face has been the biggest upgrade to my beauty routine, BB Body cream takes it one step further.  Don’t think of it as body makeup.  Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream works as an intense moisturizer that hydrates the skin.  Unlike makeup, it doesn’t just mask imperfections; the ingredients help even skin tone over a period of five days.

In the winter, my skin really takes a beating. Between periods of hives, dryness and sometimes urticaria, I am quite self-conscious about any kind of skin-bearing party outfit during the holiday season.  Makeup rubs off on delicate fabrics and can clog pores to make it worse.  A BB cream that works to firm and improve the texture of my skin the way the best products can for my face was a great discovery right before the first soirees of the season. 

Now I’m not saying you should go and live a strictly hedonistic lifestyle… Hydrate and rest for your insides or whatever you do for the outside skin won’t stand a chance. 

You can find Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream pretty much anywhere like your local Target or CVS store.  You can like Jergens on Facebook for news and promotions.

Disclosure: Content was sponsored by Jergens.. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Jergens.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Old Navy Takes Us On A RoadTrip: Spring 2015

Is there a better way to show that your brand is a favorite all across American than taking it on a road trip?  That was the theme of Old Navy’s Spring 2015 event last night.  The spring collections were grouped into destinations by climate with travel-friendly ensembles.

Food stands were set up along the path like a roadside snack stop, serving up spiked lemonade, pies, gourmet burgers and hot dogs along with rum drizzled milkshakes.  You could snap a photo in front of iconic American landscapes and a team was on hand to dish out road trip itineraries. 

The first delivery had primary, nautical colors like red, yellow, khaki, navy and white.  As “spring” is still pretty chilly when it hits the stores, there were cotton peacoats and boots.  For the second delivery, the color palette was denim-focused. The collection had a lot of blue shades with printed florals and stripes.  It was a dressed up denim, with dresses and statement necklaces to upgrade the look.

Things warmed up in the third delivery.  Brighter colors like coral popped into tropical florals and t-shirt dresses.  Sandals and sneakers were paired with fun, light rompers.

It was a treat to make my own trail mix, I think I have to try that at my next brunch.  I remember doing a lot of road trips as a child.  They were never this stylish or this tasty.  My family might have actually made it to Disney World if they had!