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Thursday, July 24, 2014

MIAMI FASHION WEEK: Maaji Swimwear 2015

It was Derby time at the Maaji Swimwear show for Mercedes Fashion Week Swim.  Columbian esigners  Juliana LondoƱo and  Nani Valenzuela created a “Royal Riders” theme for their runway.  The collection featured a mix of swimwear and active wear with a preppy, equestrian aesthetic with a twist.

Gingham, plaids, detailed horse prints and florals were executed in neon and nude colors.  The bikinis were paired with tweed jackets, riding helmets, riding crops and platform heeled oxfords.  Jackets had variations of racing ribbons.  Skimpy suits were worn with traditional cardigans and houndstooth capes.  The tennis rackets, suspenders and jockey clubs all made for an adorable tongue-in-cheek take on stuffy country club style.

Elaborately printed rash guards would look great doing double duty as a fashion top.  Board shorts for men had corresponding prints with contrast waistbands.  This was the one show I attended that offered a few men’s styles and male models to present them.  The bit of beefcake was much appreciated by the female guests in attendance in the long sea of bikinis.  Celebrity guests included TV personalities Serinda Swan, Adriana de Moura and Luann de Lesseps.

Hell, I know I’m ready for a ride…
photos by Mariana Leung

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MIAMI FASHION WEEK: Minimale Animale 2015

Smoke, mirrors and rock n' roll.  The Minimale Animale fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim was a good time, especially for all of the male photographers in the pit.  The edgy swimwear collection by Cassandra Kellogg had a minimalist, sexy fetish vibe to it.

While the motorcycle helmets were gimmicky, they established the biker chic vibe she was going for.  The added bonus of keeping your attention on the body and therefore the swimsuit the model was wearing.  The helmets also allowed for the "liberation" of the model's hair and face at the end of the show, where the models could shake out their tresses in spectacular fashion to the cheers of the admiring male fans.

The designer loves her music.  She taught herself how to make swimwear and the brand got its start when she sold her collection at festivals.  The Minimale Animale collection is definitely not for the shy girl.  The skimpy bikinis leave little to the imagination and highlight what little is left.  If you have the rockin' bod to carry these off, by all means, show it off.

Rock on ladies, rock on.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


luli fama 2015
luli fama mbfwswim
It's Carnival time in South Beach.  Luli Fama always brings the festivities to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.   To open their 2015 runway show, they brought dancers on stilts adorned in elaborate feathered costumes.

Designer Lourdes Hanimian and her brother-in-law Augusto developed the label after working with their aunt in the swimwear industry.  That’s a new family business combination.  Luli Fama was born with the influences of Miami and Cuba.  You can see the cultures mixing in the lush prints of the collection.  Painterly brush strokes are blended with jungle florals and animal prints.  Retro paisley cover-ups are mixed with solid pastel bikinis with metallic details. 

Crochet accents embellished straps and bikini bottoms.  Innovative hip cut outs added a sexy touch.  Fishnet style knits were seen in tunics, cropped tops, skirts and dresses as cover-up options that showed off the swimsuit underneath. 

Luli Fama attracts celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Shakira and now LeAnn Rimes who sat in the front row.  She tweeted her appreciation of the itsy bitsy bikinis on the catwalk.   

luli fama designer
photos by Mariana Leung

Monday, July 21, 2014

MIAMI FASHION WEEK: WildFox Couture Swimwear 2015

wildfox couture 2015
comic art fashion

Wildfox Couture Swimwear brings out the rebel in all of us.  The West Coast label was known for its vintage graphic aesthetic and sense of humor.  The swimwear show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim was presented in the same spirit.

A massive storm had hit the Raleigh Hotel grounds right before the runway rehearsal.  It left the plastic covered catwalk wet and slippery, even from inside the tent.  Models attempting to rehearse in heels quickly (painfully) met the floor head-on.

There were several themes running through the Wildfox 2015 collection.  There were the wildflowers.  This included sweet bikinis in pastels and ruffles.  Solid pastels or floral printed suits would be paired with ladies in flower crowns. There was a literal flower bikini on the runway, clearly not meant for the pool.

There was a sporty, athletic group that had rash guard tops, scuba and mesh styling.  The graphic art group was a lot of fun.  Swimwear graphics were inspired by comic-books, pop culture and superheroes mingled with suits that had suggestive text printed across provocative areas of the body.  Silly prints of hamburgers and wildly colored leopard prints were a lot of fun.

The models of the Wildfox Couture shows always look like they are having a GREAT time.  They sashayed to a soundtrack of my favorite dance tracks of the 1990’s. 

Oh the memories…

MIAMI FASHION WEEK: L*Space by Monica Wise

l*space miami
lspace 2015
It was the mermaid parade at last night’s L*Space by Monica Wise show.  The show was styled with wet wavy hair to look like they were walking out of the sea on a runway printed with water patterns.

  There were sexy fisherman’s net dresses and tunics that acted as cover-ups for the swimwear.  The swimsuits were a mix color blocked details, art deco prints and solids.  Feminine touches included ruffled bikini tops or wrapped details.   Colors included soft black, coral, foam green, shades of ocean and lapis blue.

The models were styled to have wet, wavy hair. Giant pearls were woven into their tresses or a part of long, hanging necklaces to enhance the mermaid royalty look.  Metallic tattoos from Flash Tattoos gave a fish scale effect to the skin. 

I have to say, the models strutted their stuff as if they were wearing stilettos, even though many were in bare feet.  With swagger like that, I would love to see what they could do with a tail…