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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Malan Breton Men's Spring 2016

malan breton mens ss16

ny mens fashion week 2016

It was all about a beachy lifestyle. Taiwan's most famous fashion designer Malan Breton created his spring 2016 collection for men around a blissful way of life. The main focus was on the fabrics. His menswear offerings mainly had a color palette of navy and white with a some bronze thrown in.

Natural fabrics of silk, cotton and bamboo for its heat-friendly properties were the heart of the collection. The batik technique was heavily featured as well as updated patterns of his native culture. Another tribute to his home country was the prominent use of traditional Hakka blue shirt in this presentation.

This season also marks the debut of Malan Breton Homme, the designer's brand of luxury accessories. There are cufflinks, eyewear and even skateboards on offer. He used brushed metals and enamels accented with Swarovski crystalss.

photos by Mariana Leung
Together with his press manager Bonnie Bien, they duo screened their collaborative documentary following Malan Breton's A Journey to Taiwan. It had first debuted and won awards at the New York International Film Festival. It is a beautifully shot film showing all of the colors, textures and inspiration Breton gets from his culture and gives back.

Some creatives and their press team have a great relationship. For a press manager to work with the designer to produce such a personal story on film is a truly special one. I love that my first show for NY Men's Fashion Week presented such a great start. Enjoy the beauty of Malan Breton Men's Spring 2016.

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