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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Fashion Designers Pivot to Sewing Masks for Healthcare Pros

Christian Siriano led the charge to answer Governor Cuomo's plea for help. In turn, he inspired me, and many other fashion designers into sewing masks for healthcare professionals who need them. My little fashion accessories brand is part of the NY Handmade Collective. Our team members are furiously cranking out cotton masks that will be used by medical facilities, seniors, and other vulnerable people. There is a drastic shortage of N95 masks that are needed to protect against the Coronavirus. The grassroots efforts by me, many of my industry colleagues, design studios, crafters, sewers are a great way to stay productive and help the front line workers during the crisis. Personally, being able to do something active to help went a long way in helping my anxiety and feeling helpless.
Craft stores like Jo-Ann's are offering pre-cut fabrics to anyone who wants to sew them for free at their stores.
Facebook group Sew the Curve Flat has a running list of facilities that need masks and lots of resources for best practices and patterns. It's also just a great group for support.
I am so touched at how many people shared my original social media posts and have come forward to volunteer. Even those who don't sew were keen to contribute. There is a website designer who would create a site for donations. Another was a food truck influencer who volunteered to pick up supplies and deliver masks. The goodwill here was exactly what I needed in contrast to the media reports of hoarding, ignorant politicians, scary statistics, and xenophobic attacks I felt overwhelmed with.
In a time of global crisis, kindness is the one thing that we can all participate in together, and ultimately will be what saves most of us. We can't control politicians or science, but we have complete control over how we choose to act towards others. Take back how you spend your time and how you perceive the world around you. Find something to do that makes you happy right now and brings you fulfillment. If it also helps others, that's good karma that you can use too.

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