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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

I am a Holiday Crafter Gone Wild!


It's been a while! One of the projects I worked on the past few months was to compete on HGTV's Holiday Crafters Gone Wild! This is an epic 2-hour holiday special where my teammate Terry Rollyson and I break out the sewing machine and glue guns with three other super-talented teams to compete for the ultimate crafting trophy.

You'll know the host, Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model, giving everyone some extreme Jack Frost chicness (yes, that's a thing). The judges are Kim Myles from HGTV's Myles of Style and Holiday Battle for the Block. Mikie Russo is a celebrity party planner, doing event design for the stars.

Let me tell you, yes it looks so fun (and it is!) but knocking out a bunch of crafts high-speed with many cameras on you is INTENSE! You don't have time to think about your decisions, you just need to run with your creative thoughts and execute! It's amazing how fast the time goes. 

My family was mostly on my mind during the process of the show. Big holiday specials are designed for multiple generations to watch together, and because of the pandemic, I haven't been able to spend time with my family in person this year. It might seem like a really complicated way to do it, but being IN a holiday special that my parents and nieces and nephews would watch was my way of being with them. Our second "colossal" challenge was to decorate a tree. This tree was inspired by my nephew Evan's Elf on a Shelf. He makes an elaborate mansion (complete with vehicles, hockey rinks, etc.) for his elf Sebbie every year. Terry and my tree used bright colors, fun pom poms, and simple wooden, craft sticks to make sleds with all of our nephews and niece's names on them. I was so excited that the show showed each and every one of their names for their second of fame.

My competition was FIERCE!!! The other teams were all at the top of their game in their specialties. Garrett and Guerdy are two of Miami's top event designers whose work can be seen in almost every glossy magazine. Mario and Katie, the edgy and the beautiful magician and manager. They have a huge following across the country for their show and book on being a maker mixed with magic. Sam and Charlotte are two of the coolest women with woodworking and practical DIY. I have been stalking Sam's channel for all of her furniture and home builds that are super stylish. She inspires me to get out of my comfort zone and want to learn all the tools to build. Charlotte, mother of 5, somehow can film tv shows, be a great Mom, make amazing DIY home projects (still obsessed with the hydro dye technique) and still have time to hilariously recap The Bachelor. 

If you're looking for some holiday crafting ideas this season (or just want to watch Terry and me get glue gun burns) tune in to HGTV for Holiday Crafters Gone Wild!

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