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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Couture Combats COVID-19

There is no one in the fashion industry that I know that hasn't been affected by COVID-19. Many, like myself, have lost work as a freelancer for the foreseeable future. Photographers, writers, designer consultants, producers, models, everyone connected to the industry without a salaried job, and works in the gig economy will be hurting financially. Others are working from home for brands that are losing millions in sales, so their job security is threatened. Some are risking their lives because their clients and managers are forcing them to work onsite and travel. I could go on and on, but I would instead highlight where fashion brands are doing something to fight the global pandemic:

Prada donates ICUs

Italy was the first European country to be crippled by the Coronavirus. Much of that had to do with an aging population and a lack of facilities. In response, the Prada family contributed “two complete intensive care and resuscitation units each to Milan’s hospitals of Vittore Buzzi, Sacco, and San Raffaele.” Other Italian designers contributing to the efforts include Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani, who made financial donations.

LVMH Fragrance Division Making Sanitizer to Donate

Parent company to Louis Vuitton, Bulgari and Moet & Chandon, LVMH is leveraging its fragrance factories to make hand sanitizers instead. They will be donating the hydroalcoholic gels to health facilities in France to battle the shortage of sanitizers around the country.

Nike donates $15 million

The Oregon-based company has about 12 000 employees in the state, and the HQ is closed at least until the end of April. Nike is donating the majority of the 15 million dollars towards relief efforts in their local community, with some of the funds also going towards the Boston, Memphis, and overseas offices.

Christian Siriano Pledges To Make Masks

New York's governor made a plea for manufacturers to produce masks to combat the dangerous shortage of protective gear for workers on the front lines. Designer Christian Siriano pledged his team, manufacturing capabilities to help make this happen.

So what can you, as a fashion fan, do to help the many people around the world affected by the Coronavirus? If you are in a position to hire someone remotely, even if it is not fashion, that would be great. Fashion writers, photographers, marketing pros adapt quickly to other industries. For independent brands, do some online shopping! If you need to try clothes on in person, you can always buy yourself or friend a gift certificate and spend it later.  Not in a financial position to shop or hire? If nothing else, send your fashion friends some online support, a good review, social media shoutout, or just call them. Stay connected. Hell, you can try on all your favorite outfits via video chat and get some feedback. Together we can all conquer COVID-19.

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