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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Fashion Fostering Connectivity Sheila Gray and Byron Lars Fashion Show

Feeling thankful today. The fashion, art, and media communities are huge, so why aren't we networking more? Last Friday, Sheila Gray presented the Fashion Fostering Connectivity Panel  to remedy that. I am so grateful for the empowering event. The evening started with an informal fashion show featuring both Sheila's collection and Byron Lars collection where the models were an inclusive group both in culture, size, shape, backgrounds, but with a common trait of giving back to the community. I was honored to be asked to be a part of this "model" lineup!

Sheila Gray, who is also PR director for Byron Lars in addition to her up-and-coming accessories collection, put this wonderful event together. She brought in author/editor Constance White (personal woman crush as a writer), Dale Noelle of True Model Management, Adrienne Jones, Cheryl McGinnis, Mary Ann Wheaton, Lisa Marie and Hello Beautiful publisher Danielle James. These power women discussed the challenges of working in their media, art, fashion fields, coming up against the establishment as women and as people of color. They stressed the importance of sharing, networking, talking to each other and then stayed to follow through with the guests in attendance.
Models were equally inspiring. Actress Lisa Arrindale introduced herself right in the model lineup before we headed to the runway to share and give thanks for being there to set the tone. Leslie Taub is a dancer and physically challenged model rocking classic Hollywood blonde glam, promoting strength and empowerment by example. Kyria Jaide Hughes, Jerrica Patton, Jasmine Moore, Alex Ferguson, Frankie Tavares, Keely Bembry, Chelsea Henriques, and Nicole Quintero all devote a good portion of their life to great causes and with entrepreneurial projects of their own.

I wore a twist front black Byron Lars dress (one of my favorite styles of his) with some fabulous silver and black statement necklaces by Sheila Gray. Those spiky stud gloves were a DIY one-off from Byron that he made for the look. Those huge glasses were a tribute to legends like Edith Head, Edna Mode, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Carrie Donovan.

I contributed my newly launched Wicked Finch Boozy Jam collection to the gift bags for the event. Other goodies included the newest makeup color trends and lots of sweet treats.

So how do you connect with your fashion peers? What do you think of all the gorgeous Byron Lars Fashion? Reach out and network with your colleagues and introduce them to each other. You never know how the right connection can help someone else!
Photos by Mariana Leung

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