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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fashion Museum for the Blind

blind fashion museum
Have you ever visited a fashion museum for the blind? I bet you didn't even think that could exist. The criminally under-attended Museo Del Traje in Madrid has an extensive fashion history exhibit developed specifically for the visually impaired.
How you ask? There is a long runway of mannequins dressed with muslin pieces representing the most distinctive fashion silhouettes throughout history. Those without sight can physically touch and understand the body shapes that were trending in different eras while reading about them in braille on a plaque attached to each garment.
museo del traje
There was a section of the exhibit that let guests touch and feel different fabric constructions. There were large fabric swatches of different weaves and knits. Above the fabric are windows of magnified samples of the fabric construction so the guest can feel the individual yarns or threads and how they make up the different fabrications.
I thought this was a very thoughtful exhibit to bring clothing to life to a part of the community that probably thinks of clothing as nothing more than utility. I wish more fashion exhibits could do this.
In other parts of the museum, there was a great show on Balenciaga, one of Spain's great designers. There were some beautiful contemporary runway shows staged in a theatrical corridor. Despite all of this, my husband and I were the ONLY visitors here all morning. I am absolutely baffled by that, this was one of the better fashion museums I have visited around the world. They have hands-on fashion workshops, children's programming and more.
Currently, the museum has a stylish museum on La Vie En Rose for anyone who wants to get their Millenial Pink fix.
If you are in Madrid, please support and check out the Museo Del Traje, including the only fashion museum for the blind that I have come across. Get some culture, some style and history.

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