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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Linder Spring 2019

How do you feel about a fashion salon/parent's basement vibe for an NYFW fashion show? Linder Spring 2019 was presented in a compact room at the Standard Hotel where far too many people were packed in. What was probably intended as an intimate presentation got too close for comfort when the place was over capacity and photographers were blocked from taking any sort of clear photos.
That's too bad when the overall concept was cute in theory. The wood paneling suited the 1970s vibe of the long, calf-length skirts, slim shirts, oversized pockets, and leather details. The Linder collection made use of contrast leather trims, earthy colored patterns like stripes and plaid, and flat, boxy flip-flops to convey a young, casual, nostalgic look. Models strolled (or attempted to) down the middle of the room and walked up a few steps to pose in front of a triple mirror. If the room had 85% fewer people in it, this would have looked great.
Indie designers, while trying hard to do something to distinguish themselves from the pack, need to remember that 99% of the people who will ever see your collection will be doing so through photographs. There is such a tiny percentage of your future customer base will be in that room, at that exact hour. You are most likely to send images to prospective retailers and media contacts that will be able to do anything of value for you, so is it wise to keep the most qualified people that take those images obstructed?

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