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Friday, June 9, 2017

The Blonds Present The Mummy Fall 2017

The Blonds Fall 2017 was one of the most highly anticipated shows of the season. Photographers live for their showmanship on the runway. The theme this year was The Mummy to celebrate the movie release today.

Looking at these photographs, you can see the cliche bandage wrapping of the past was not in play. The Mummy star Sofia Boutella's look in the film has an exotic, dark style. She appears to be deteriorating elegantly in a body conscious costume. The Blonds collection also has a dark, exotic look that is sexy and body conscious. Spiders and their webs are a repeated motif. Several looks have a shredded texture created in feathers, embellished with rich Preciosa pearls.
from The Mummy, Universal Pictures

Preciosa Crystal Components is a major collaborator with designers Philip and David Blond. Preciosa, a leader in producing the most brilliant crystals for jewelry, home, and fashion design. They particularly love working with The Blonds as they use their entire library of materials and techniques in their collection. This season included gigantic faceted teardrops, pearls, trims down to the smallest crystal seed beads.

The hair was equally dramatic. Polished curls twisted into odd angles framed elaborately fierce eye makeup. Intimidating boots with 5" - 6" stiletto heels made the models look larger than life, like the Goddesses (or demons) that were their muse.

Are you going to find these looks on the rack of your local boutique? Not too likely. Will you find them gracing the bodies of your favorite pop icon? The probability is higher. The collection and fashion show was spectacular. Bravo The Blonds!
Runway photos by Mariana Leung

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