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Friday, June 16, 2017

Pamella Roland Resort 2018

Resort collections from Fashion designers. For many, that is the throwaway, smaller, simple collection after putting it all into fall and holiday. For Pamella Roland, she takes the opportunity to make it shine. Her presentation at the Bvlgari jewelry boutique in 57th store street was an opulent affair.

Many of her collections took exotic locales or prestigious artists as her muse. Resort 2018 was inspired by her own backyard. Delicate flowers like peonies, wisteriea, hydrangeas and lavender made their way into the collection in color palette or motifs.
Embroideries of trailing flowers, three dimensional fabric appliques, beaded fringe all added a rich texture to the luxury fabrics. Most of the looks clearly aimed for red carpet wear, either on celebrities like Vanessa Williams in attendance or the many socialites who are devoted fans.

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