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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Paris Street Style 2016 -Haute Couture Week

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Shooting Haute Couture was a dream come true for me. The rest of the week was spent enjoying the real life personal style of the Parisian fashion crowd. Catching street style in the shows, outside of the fashion shows, backstage and at parties was a glimpse of how the fashion crowd dresses on this side of the ocean. I found that there was a relaxed vibe to most Paris citizens with a bit of rock n' roll. Skinny jeans and pants were often paired with long draped jackets and shawls for the ladies.
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Two musts for Paris street style. The first, you MUST have a long scarf. The skills to artfully drape it around your neck is essential. This wasn't just around Paris fashion week, this was for all of Paris, as my husband observed. Second was the jacket worn as a cape. I saw this with any jacket. It could be the oversized topper, the moto jacket, the blazer or any Haute Couture creation encrusted with 20 000 manual labor hours of beading. To be fair, the jacket and scarf could be due to the uncharacteristically cold summer that Paris has been having. The chic identifiers were supremely practical.
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Again, it could just be that it was cold this week, but fur accessories were a key element in Paris Fashion Week looks. Fur wraps, collars, keychains, handbags were all there. How warm they actually kept you could be debated. I suspect it was more for psychological warmth.
Prints, more prints, head-to-toe, a graphic dance all over the streets of Paris. While this look dominates photographer's street style shots of women, it has made its way into menswear street style as well. The big patterned statement jacket, pants or even jumpsuit have been spotted on the gents near Paris Fashion Week
The moto jacket is still huge in Paris. The difference is there were very tailored or sculpted silhouette styles or crazy color combinations because they were likely to be high-end designer renditions of them. Often, they were paired with a super feminine dress or designer skirt as a way to add some edge to a classically beautiful outfit.

So there you have it, my top Haute Couture Paris street style trends. They are all easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe. Get shopping!

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by Ms. Fabulous at Mode

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