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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Salvatore Ferragamo - Lo Splendore dei Mestieri

ferragamo shoe factory
Now for a bit of Italian chic in my Paris fashion week trip. The Salvatore Ferragamo crew threw an intimate little soiree to celebrate the opening of their Avenue Montaigne boutique. They featured artisans for both handbags and shoes working on the current collection that was available in the store right now. The fashion included chic graphic prints in geometric patterns. A running motif throughout the shoes and handbags was an embellished bullseye in contrasting colors.

You could see the level of detail and meticulous craftsmanship of both the shoemaker and the handbag artisans. The carefully measured and cut their leather pieces and molded them to form. They were clearly proud of their work and were happy to show your their process.
ferragamo handbag studio

They had a butcher carefully hand-shaving the tastiest prosciutto while servers doled out other Italian nibbles. Negronis, Prosecco, and Italian wine were served to the guests. There were a watercolor artist hand-painting famous landmarks of Italy for guests while another artist hand-cut profile portraits out of paper.

The scene outside was a crisscrossed red carpet area doubled as an outdoor lounge for guests or fans who wanted to bask in the beauty of the Paris Ferragamo boutique. I met some new French friends at the party who confirmed this was the best party of the night for Paris Fashion Week, and they had already attended many. Unlike American events, there were not too many selfie takers. An attendant at the photo booth had to convince guests to use it, where American parties, there would be a long line. Perhaps the French are so jaded from the constant beauty around them? Lucky people.

Thank you, Salvatore Ferragamo, for making this New Yorker feel welcome at your Avenue Montaigne boutique. I celebrated my time there by buying myself and my sister some new shoes as our souvenirs. (They will get much more use than an Eiffel Tower t-shirt). Felicitations on a wonderful store opening!

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