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Saturday, January 2, 2016

#2015bestnine: What Instagram Knows About You

If you on are on Instagram, Facebook or any of the social media apps, you have no doubt come across the #2015bestnine hashtag. The site creates a collage of your nine most popular images that you have posted based on engagement. So what does this data-curated collection of pics say about you?

Based on the images it pulled for me, I am clearly obsessed with fashion, the color red and pastries. Is that true? Well, as someone who has worked in fashion for over 20 years, live to shop and love any stylish cultural event, yes. The color red? I have had red walls in my last two apartments, various shades of it permeate everything in my home decor and all over my wardrobe. Baked goods? I am relieved this only occupies one photo of the nine. Yes, I love those too, but in 2016 they will be taking a smaller role in my life as part of my healthy resolutions. 

The photos are pulled by quantity of likes though, so it's not necessarily about what I like, but what others respond to right? Well, I would like to think that whatever you are truly passionate about comes through in your photography and people who follow you can see that. As a photographer, I love a saucy pose and dramatic flip of a dress. As a designer, I love color and texture. I think the photos above definitely demonstrate that and since they are the most popular pics, I'm not the only fan. 

Five of the photos were shot directly off a runway from NY Fashion Week. One is a personal style #OOTD look during fashion week, another is a fashion museum exhibit, and another is a fashion design display at a museum-like boutique. Damn, I'm predictable. Eight of nine photos were taken in NYC, the pastry photo taken in San Francisco. Weirdly, that pretty much sums up my geographical whereabouts in 2015 as well. 

The one thing that this collection did not show is my love of family. I don't post too many images of them on public accounts. When I do, I rarely add hashtags because they are for me, and not something I promote heavily, so they don't get as many engagements. It has been an emotional roller coaster of a year as far as they have been concerned. I have been lucky to spent some quality time with many of them, even if it was in small doses. Many have visited me in NYC, while I visited others in the North or West. Others I hope to see soon in 2016.

So now that I have pseudo-analyzed my own, timely gimmick posts. What did your own results say about you? Has Facebook's memories made you tear up? Your best nine Instagram images match capture your 2015? Let's get ready to make amazing content for the New Year!

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