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Monday, January 4, 2016

Easiest Nail Art Resolutions

I am a lazy nail artist. My adventures of creating masterpieces in nail polish, manicure nail art are contained in what I can accomplish during a good episode of Scandal or Empire. Still, I am happy to report that even the most simple of efforts on my part get a lot of compliments from fans who think I spend a lot more time than I do. My favorite trend this year as undoubtedly been the "negative space" look. Not only does this use less nail lacquer, it is much more forgiving when the mani grows out.

Here are my top techniques for lazy nail art:

The Stipple (top):
I use this look when I can't decide what colors to choose or have a general wardrobe palette I want to accommodate for awhile. You don't need a "nail dotting" tool. I use a bamboo cocktail pick. You can snip it to the size you want.

I start with a clear Sally Hansen Double Duty base coat then choose 3-4 colors, I then dip and dot on my nails, usually in an ombre or asymmetrical fashion. This leaves a large margin for error, just re-dot or reposition as needed. The color you want to dominate is applied last. Add a top coat and you're done.

Glitter Ombre:
This works with negative space nails or fully polished nails. This is great for people who aren't anal-retentive enough to make sure their nails are meticulously smooth and naked before they start. polish or base coat your nails. Then use your favorite glitter and smash lightly halfway up and apply heavily at the tip with extra coats the further up you go.

photos by Mariana Leung
The Chevron:
Another one for indecisive people. I take my two current favorite colors. I paint a diagonal swatch on one side of the nail, then finish with the other side in the second color, leaving a negative space triangle where your half moons are. Make sure you finish all nail art with a good top coat.

Funky French Mani:
Instead of a naturalistic white nail coat for the tips, I use bright colors or a double line of metallic and jewel tone colors. It might not follow the shape of the nail exactly, I might do a notch or drag the polish into a wavy patteI'mrn. As far as I am concerned, anything beyond a naked manicure is nail art (my minimalistic tendencies only go so far).

That FlashTat Mani:
This is the most 'difficult" nail art I attempted in 2015. I was obsessed with metallic jewelry tattoos from Miami Fashion Week Swim. I purchased many sheets of these and shared them with anyone who allowed me to apply them. I also used them as easy embellishments on my nbrails. I started with the base coat again and maybe a pop color across the white of the nail. I then stuck tiny motifs of jewelry tattoos in random patterns on my nail. I finished them off with good top coat.

There you have it. You have all of my nail art secrets. I love everything from glitter nail polish and metallics, to the richest hues known to man. I love Sally Hansen for glitter, OPI Nail Lacquer for the rich dark shades, butter LONDON for the bright summery ones.

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