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Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays from Ms. Fabulous

Happy Holidays my stylish friends! It is my sincere wish that you are spending some time with the people you love most. I am fortunate enough to be doing that right now.

It has been an interesting year for the fashion industry and for myself. 2016 should be more fascinating still. My treat to myself this season is getting back to sketching and making stuff. I am back to creating embroidered fashion accessories for my fledgling label Weng Meng Design (new pieces will soon be up on Etsy). I took my love of a good craft cocktail to the next level by experimenting with making artisanal bitters and liqueurs. Those who attend my next house party will be subjected to tasting them!

I may not have posted quite as frequently the last two months as I have been busy knocking out style and entertainment stories for MODE. You'll find my geek-tastic take on your favorite pop culture trends and how they have taken over the fashion world.

I'm looking forward to finally watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens today and diving face first into my sister's culinary achievements tonight. Hopefully by the end of the day I will NOT have broken any limbs either skiing or skating, but I DO hope there will actually be enough snow to give me the opportunity to. (Should we in the Northeast be happy or terrified of this heat wave?)

May your holiday season be a great one. Thank you to all of my friends, collaborators, mentors and special people in my life that put the FAB in Ms. Fabulous. I hope you know who you are.

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