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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays from Ms. Fabulous!

Merry Christmas, Chanukah Sameach, Happy Kwanzaa and a fabulous Festivus to everyone spending time with loved ones this season. I feel gratitude for all the blessings that this year has brought. I appreciate even more that they outnumber the challenges, both personal and professional.

In addition to the great brands we have worked with this year, our team got to branch out and expand their work in a number of ways. Mdivani Monroe revived his acting career. In addition to appearing in almost every television program that is filmed in New York, he is set to begin shooting a major role in a romantic comedy film this spring. David T.W. Leung has recovered from some health issues and is set to travel the world again in 2015. Elaine Fioravanti, in addition to blogging, hosted events for brands and styled some beautiful photo shoots in 2014.

My editorial and photography work included new contributions to Narrative.ly, Marie Claire magazine and Audrey Magazine. I continued to be a regular reporter on the embroidery of New York Fashion Week for Stitches Magazine. I also had the opportunity to appear on the Dr. Oz television show a few times in 2014. In between blog related work in front of the runway, I loved the designers I have worked with on collections behind the runway.

I am honored to have been able to spend time with and work with many of my favorite people not only in the industry, but in the world. Fashion has a reputation for being shallow and catty at times. I have personally found in my experience, that the people I have been blessed to be around are the most passionate, hard working, supportive (and witty) people I know.

While I would like to leave on a profound note of wisdom, I cannot express a sentiment more appropriate than this one from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure":
"Be excellent to each other....and....PARTY ON, DUDES!" 

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