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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aritizia Spring 2015

trenchcoat model
The day after Christmas in Canada is for Boxing Day Sales. I was at a mall today before the start of a movie and watched one of Canada’s best clothing chain exports being pillaged for its discounts. Thankfully, my position as a blogger of fashion allowed me to preview the upcoming Artizia spring 2015 collection in a civilized manner in their Soho New York location.

The reasonably priced, chic sportswear chain offered up classic trench coat variations in their outerwear. A classic tan, cream and navy color palette dominated their office-friendly fashion looks. While I love popping into this store to grab some basics with a twist, the most exciting thing about this presentation was the handbag collections.
emoji purse

There were the sophisticated leather pieces in over-sized clutch shapes or huge carryall leather totes. The more contemporary collection had brighter colors with styling details that reminded me of emojis.

Like many big clothing brands, Aritzia has launched a fashion forward lounge/athletic wear collection to accompany their main line. This group also mixed in some denim in easy, sporty silhouettes that set them apart from the other brands. The looks also had more of a 1950s vibe to them with short, flirty skirts and pastel colors mixed in with the traditional palette.
aritizia sportswear
Like Club Monaco and Joe Fresh before it, I have watched many Canadian chains cross the border and make a big splash. Aritzia so far has dipped their toes into the water and now waiting for other fashion fans to make the plunge.

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