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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Custo Barcelona Spring 2015

custo barcelona spring 2015
It may be cold outside but for Custo Barcelona’s Spring 2015 collection, the runway was hot hot hot. Designer Custo Dalmau’s goal for the NY Fashion Week runway show was to show off the body.  He succeeded beautifully.

This was not just a sleazy skin fest. It was about the creative use of cut-outs, embroideries, textile combinations, sheer textured fabrics, silhouettes with great cuts. Custo Barcelona as a brand is best known for its bold mixes of patterns and dimensional materials to build a sculptured, if not always “tasteful” in the classical sense.

custo barcelona handbag

Metallic prints were combined with laminated laces. Sexy swimwear was mixed with coordinating cover ups. Purses, messenger bags and shoes were designed to match motifs and textures of the clothing collection.

custo dalmau spring 2015

Menswear had a more subdued look, but the women’s catwalk outfits definitely did not have the wallflower in mind. That doesn’t mean anyone should be intimidated by the Custo Barcelona collection. Each piece individually is gorgeous, the intricate work of the combined patterns and fabrications is a great statement garment that can be paired with a more basic staple.

On a gray dreary day, can’t everyone use a bit of color and shine?
photos by Mariana Leung

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