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Thursday, December 4, 2014

#TBT Channeling 1980 Nerd Style

Forgive this Throwback Thursday silliness. My parents recently sent a cringe-worthy photo of my childhood when I asked for a few images to post to Facebook to get my friends to laugh. Since fashion trends all come around again if you wait long enough, I attempted to make a style board of one of my most hideous looks.

This is me, about five years old with a parent executed Asian stereotype bowl haircut. The fashion fan in me is going to say I was channeling early Rei Kawakubo. You can get a much better bobbed wig online. The banana-colored sweatshirt was likely a hand-me-down from my male cousins. I particularly love how I match the desk lamp and coordinate with the tissue box next to me. I found a Moschino version that pays tribute to Dandy Candy. The noisy corduroy pants I wore, Ralph Lauren makes an infinitely more flattering stretch skinny corduroy pant for adults. The nerd in me loved this microscope I received as a gift while other girls my age played with Barbie. I found a sterling silver microscope charm necklace in remembrance of that awesome present. You can't see them, but I loved Tretorn sneakers as a kid too.

Throwback Thursday is one of the most popular social media tropes on the internet today. Typical etiquette generally dictates that posts should be at least 10 years old, but seeing the most active social media users are under 25, that time frame has been reset to 5 years. The original intent was to show our geeky past selves (with the vain motive of showing how much better we have become). However, many people use #TBT as an excuse to rehash their hottest physical or personally successful moments as many times as they can (how many times do we have to see your cute blowout at your brother's wedding?). 

 Please don’t leave me here in my humiliation alone. Show me your best awkward Throwback Thursday photos. 

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MsYOLEEcom said...

great post on indie fashion!

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