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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canadian Designer Spotlight: Hilary MacMillan

hillary macmillan fashion
hillary macmillan 2014
Happy Canada Day my fashion peeps!  I thought I would introduce you to another Canadian fashion designer this July 1stHilary MacMillan is a relative newcomer to Toronto Fashion Week.   Her Fall/Winter 2014 was her second appearance at World Mastercard Fashion Week.
Her collection is sourced and manufactured locally and designed in Toronto.  Hillary and her sister Lindsay MacMillan also own a popular accessories boutique Elle Hardware in the trendy neighborhood of Queen West (Hubby and I always love to shop this area when we visit).

The family connections don’t end there.  For her inspiration this season, Hilary MacMillan looked to her Scottish ancestry as her muse.  The birds, tartans and hunting culture may be from the Highlands, but they are also very much a part of Canadian heritage as well.  The first Prime Minister of Canada was a Scottish gentleman named Sir John A. MacDonald.  I only know that because my high school was named in his honor, and I saw tartans everywhere.  Also, history textbooks had old black and white photos of Canadian fur trappers.

The graphic illustration print of pheasants is both elegant and whimsical.  It works really with the sleek suits and sheath dresses.  The traditional tartan pattern is used in updated fashion silhouettes, giving it a fresh look.  The fur accessories, whether it is the over-sized handbag or neck wrap, has a raw, unfinished pelt quality.  Instead of the polished glam collars of other collections this season, the pelts look like they were freshly hunted, reminding you of where they came from.  I like that idea.  If you DO choose to wear fur, why shy away from its origin?  It is kind of like the farm to table idea in cuisine, but applied to fashion. 

On this great Canada Day, get to know your design talent up North.  Hilary MacMillan is a fashion designer to watch!
Photos by George Pimentel

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