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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beach Hair Repair from Neutrogena

Yeay! It is finally beach weather.  Unfortunately, the ocean, sunlight and chlorine are not as happy to see me as I am to see them.  My first real weekend at the Hamptons left me with distressed locks and sun damaged hair.  Funny how you can remember to put sunscreen on your face, but then completely forget to protect your tresses.

Summer sprung up on me out of a long winter and absent spring.  I forgot what spending hours outdoors could do to your skin and hair.  I recently put my hair through a digital perm to get that beach wave look for the days in between excursions, but it takes some moisture out.
Putting a lot of product in my hair makes it feel greasy after a few hours.  I remembered that I always used to use Neutrogena as a cleanser in my teen years for minimalist, effective cleaning power.  I was happy to find that they made a triple hair repair product line.

Testing for myself, I took my suffering tresses to the shower.  I used Neutrogena’s Triple Repair Fortifying shampoo and conditioner to deal with the sand, sun and chlorine damaged hair problems.

After towel drying my hair, I also worked in a dollop of the Neutrogena Triple Repair Fortifying Leave-In Treatment.  It helps me repair breakage and reduces split ends by about 97%.  Most noticeably, the treatment keeps the flyaways and frizzy strands from standing up from my head.  What is it with the humidity and dry hair that makes you look like an extra from “Something About Mary” ?

Keeping my hair dryer on medium power, I used my fingers to gently lift my wet wavy hair to remove the water from my hair.  To keep some curl without damaging the strands, You can gently twist the hair with your fingers while you are drying.  If you don’t want the weight of the hair to pull the crown flat, you can lift at the top and blow dry the hair in the opposite direction of how it grows.

That’s it. No additional curling irons, round brushes, pins or curlers.  I am a low maintenance girl when it comes to doing my hair in the morning.  When I hit the beach, I want maximum time for the actual beach.  

Sun kissed waves are for the ocean and with the help of Neutrogena Triple Repair, my hair.

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Neutrogena. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of  Neutrogena.

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