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Friday, June 27, 2014

CE Week's FashionWare Wearable Tech Runway

wearable tech fashion
wearable tech fashion
Fashion from the future made its way to the Metropolitan Pavilion this week.  All forms of wearable tech were showcased in a collaborative show at CE Week.  They ranged from functional gadgets to interactive fashion accessories.  There were illuminated embellishments that spanned LED lighting, pulse sensors, optic cables and digital screens.

Can tech fashion express love?  There was a couples outfit by the designers of Sait Radlab that displayed the electricity generated by the attraction between two people using an RFID readers, addressable LEDs and WiFi dongle to respond to another person's proximity.  To complement, the other person wore a wristband that monitored everything from stress levels, sleep and pulse waves.

The wedding gown featured everything from fibre optic cables, laser cut panels, addressable LEDs and pulse sensors.

There were shoes and accessories made from 3D printing techniques.  Earphones had a programmable skin that could be printed to match a person's outfit.  There was a vintage inspired pink silhouette by the designers of Make Fashion.  Using audio circuit technology that pulses to music, the embedded lighting succeeds in the wearer creating a spotlight for herself.  The fan contained gyroscope and programmable LED lights that corresponded to the model's movements.

Zazzi was a jewelry collection made of sterling silver that was tuned into your phone.  They had the capability to notify you of your texts, calls and social media notifications.

Two of the models wore a square accessory called the Narrative Clip.  this dainty accessory could hold 4000 photos, letting you project your life live...

I loved that wearable tech and true fashion designers collaborated to put together full looks.  Often the "tech" people trying to sell the idea are painfully clueless of the fashion element of wearables.  The fact that the gadgets and technology were seamlessly incorporated into the looks was proof of its progress.

I can't wait to try out some of the functional wearable tech in my own wardrobe.  Hell, I'm a fan of anything that makes my handbag lighter.

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