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Friday, May 23, 2014

Parsons Fashion 2014 - Part Two

fur fashion
 The wide range of fashion design graduates at Parsons New School of Design wanted to make sure they stood out.  Women's wear is saturated category, so a new designer's collection needs to have details that make it difficult to imitate.  This group of designers went with highly sculpted shapes and artful rendered detail.  Not exactly the clothes you find on the street, but that is a good thing.

Mijia Zhang built up big silhouettes with a combination of natural and brightly colored fur. The quirky combination of sporty stripes and footwear kept the elaborate fur from looking too overbearing or serious.
knitwear parsons fashion
 Kailen Todt took an artistic approach to her collection.  There were swirls of painted patterns on the fabrics, but then the intricate knits also echoed the painterly approach with crochet  pieces that mirrored the same look.  The result was a gorgeous, body as art canvas effect.
parsons fashion 2014
fashion runway fallJustin Chu probably took the most risks in deliberate sculpture of the garments.  He built volume through draping, padding, built up swirls and very structured tailoring.  You could even say his models were up on pedestals that unfortunately were toppled over.  The architecturally built shoes they wore presented quite a problem for the models as two of them both fell on their attempts to mount the runway.  They were good sports though, and it brought extra spotlight to the clothes they were wearing.  Based on how interesting the shapes of the collection were, they would have received the attention they deserved anyway.


MK said...

The middle look with blue suit on first photo is by Moon Kyung Hwang.
Please check

Mariana L. said...

Thanks for your help and congratulations!

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