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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Parsons Fashion 2014 - Part Three

parsons 2014 fashion
Outrageous runway looks are great for editorial, but true clothing design is a much bigger challenge. There were several students at the Parsons Fashion 2014 show who tackled collections for career wear.  How do you make traditional fabrics in basic grey, black and white and make them stand out?  Can one redesign the wheel and make the standard suit unique? 

Yea Jin Song answered this challenge by cutting the separates in unusual proportions.  A cropped jacket with extended shoulders and front piece paired with asymmetrical shorts.  A sculpted, almost origami folded trench paired with a skirt of different lengths. A long draped vest that extends past the skirt and belted tunic.  
2014 parsons show
David Valencia reinterpreted the basic items of a corporate suit.  The pants are draped wide and folded over like a jacket.  The middle dress is draped like a skirt, but ends in a halter at the neck.  The different shades of cool grey and warm grey end up looking very colorful just because the fabrics are in different temperature groups.

parsons fashion show
Sara Hoopes took a very zen approach to her group.  Long, flowing dresses had a summery, kimono ease about them.  I love the abstract interpretation of a traditional tie by presenting it as a necklace or scarf.  The foldback half-collar is a nod to a lapel, but not quite.  You could get away with wearing these looks to most creative industry offices, but feel as breezy as yoga wear.

Bravo, Parsons fashion graduates, class of 2014!

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