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Monday, August 26, 2013

Judith Leiber - Artisan to Fashion Icon

judith leiber handbags
judith leiber museum
The patron saint of luxury handbags, the Judith Leiber Museum in East Hampton celebrates her designs in an exhibit that spans the 1960's to 2004.  She was a Holocaust survivor who learned her artisan handbag making skills in Hungary.

With a very supportive husband, Judith Leiber brought her passion and skills to America, also with a goal of employing women in the trade.  Many of her iconic bags were made in New York.  The classic minaudieres, clutches and accessories have been seen on almost every First Lady in the past few decades as well as countless celebrities.

The museum of a real gem in the woods in East Hampton, Long Island.  The location is part of their residence and also houses husband Gerson's artwork.  There is a modest case on the first floor that houses some of her many fashion awards.  The second floor contains a petite silver and crystal encrusted handbag that I was told was her absolute favorite among the many thousands of her career.  It was the first bag she ever made in metal and crystals.

Back when I was designing for an embroidery house full-time, the Judith Leiber studio used several of my
designs in the collection, but this was already after the company had already been sold.

In addition to the handbags and artwork on display, there is a huge collection of Chinese artwork that the Leibers are fond of collecting.  You can see this influence clearly in the shapes and motifs that were in Ms. Leiber's work from the 1980's onward.

If you catch a last weekend out in the Hamptons, definitely check this fashion exhibit out!  For more information, take a look at their website here.

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Eddy said...

I absolutely cherish my rabbit minaudiere... more than my real pets

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