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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nanette Lepore Resort and Swim 2014

We're hitting the last of summer! Locavore designer Nanette Lepore put on two great presentations in the past few months. First, she presented her resort collection of bodies that paired a traditional porcelain print and a contemporary, digitally printed floral into chic rash guard tops and bottoms.

Nanette Lepore's Miami Fashion Week swim show brought us more great prints.  The suits were great, but the long, flowing dress cover-ups and tunics were perfect for beach to soiree dressing.  Unusual color combinations like the apricot tunic and ice blue embroidery was a great way to update basic silhouettes.

When asked if the beach was now the new runway, Nanette replied"Absolutely! Everyone wants to be able to express themselves and look fabulous no matter what they're doing."

Back in the NYC showroom, I enjoyed browsing through all of the coordinating accessories.  Nanette carries through her patterns and colors into fun, wearable shoes.  The handbags are built with a tech-savvy customer in mind.  The brightest colors of her palette are well represented.

Much of Nanette Lepore's collection is made in New York.  She was one of the most visible advocates for Save the Garment Center in NYC.  Her advice to new designers on deciding to produce locally: "Do it! The costs are about the same and you'll be able to have more control over everything. It's so worth it!"

What do you think of designers who produce locally?  Would that be more appealing to you as a shopper?

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Eddy said...

Love these prints

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