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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good-bye Lilly Pulitzer!

vintage Lilly pulitzer
The woman behind the iconic Lilly Pulitzer passed away today.  Her signature look of bright floral print dresses hit its height in the 1960's.

Ms. Pulitzer's fashion discovery was born when she first asked her seamstresses to make dresses using colorful prints to hide the stains that would inevitably happen in running her orange juice stand.  A wealthy socialite, her husband owned orange groves and was part of a large newspaper family.

The prints of her dresses could contain any motif that entertained her season to season and contained everything from fruit to peacocks or even politics.

With partner and fashion editor Laura Robbins, the brand quickly expanded into swimsuits, home decor and children's wear.  The label closed in the 1980's due to the changing tastes of fashion, but was acquired and revived again in the 1990's.  Even after retiring from daily operations from the company, she remained an active consultant to the fashion house she founded  until the end.

Good-bye Lilly and thank you for bringing a party to fashion!

Photo from Dwellers Without Decorators

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