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Monday, April 8, 2013

Purse Lovers! Simone Handbag Museum

This has got to be the handbag and fashion lovers ultimate museum...The Simone Handbag Museum in Korea is a multi-story shrine to the fashionista's most necessary accessory and is actually built to resemble a purse!

How badass is that?  The team behind the museum are the masters of the handbag craft that include embroiderers, tailors, designers, restoration specialists, etc.  There are specially made mannequins, custom cast arms that were designed to display each handbag in optimum positions.  Historical bags that date as far back as 1550 are painstakingly restored. More contemporary pieces include a 2012 Celine tote and Alexander McQueen Union Jack purse.

Can't make it to Korea?  You're in luck.  Their website is fantastic.  You can click on the photos of their 300 handbags for a detailed image and description (yes, in English).  It also has extensive photos documenting the creation of the museum and mannequins that I found fascinating.

Think you're bag-obsessed now?  I think I enabled your addiction.

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