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Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY: Flowers for the Cancer Society Golden Daffodils Gala

how to make fabric flower
My Mother devotes a lot of time to volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society.  One of the most glamorous fundraising events that they host is the black tie Golden Daffodil Ball in Toronto taking place tonight.

The fact that my Mom is volunteering her time after retiring from working full time for the organization for over 20 years says a lot about how much she believes in it.  Her passion for all of the outreach, fundraising and help the Cancer Society gives of course has rubbed off on me.  I have sold daffodils in grocery store, manned tables at rummage sales, done door to door canvasing over the years as my own tiny contribution to her cause.

This year, to contribute to their "crystal" themed gala, I created a bunch of handmade silk flowers embroidered with crystals.  They are selling fashion accessories for guests to wear to engage in their theme at the beginning of the event. The brooches/hair clip combo lets you wear it in multiple ways.  I have also donated a gift package of a custom designed veil, headpiece or sash for a special event for their silent auction from my design studio, Weng Meng Design.

I admit, I'm not the most philanthropic individual, but when it comes to easy and pretty ways to give back, how could anyone say no?

If you want to try your hand at making some these on your own, you will need:

-Brooch/clip metal backs (I ordered mine from TrimWeaver) 
-Organza, satin, taffeta or any other fabrics you think are pretty
-Sew-on rhinestones

When I cut my flower petals out, I use a mix of existing stencils, or rough sketches I make myself which give is a more natural, handmade look.  You can download some from here.

I shape my petals with antique millinery flower moulds or a ball iron.  If you don't have those, you can use the pointed tip of the iron and shape the edges of your petals so they don't look flat.  Then layer a few petals on top of each other.

Embroider a few rhinestones through the center of the petals to hold them all together.  Hot glue the flower to the brooch back.  Add a few additional stitches through the flower and around the holes of the brooch back for extra security.  Voila!

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