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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TORONTO FASHION WEEK: Klaxon Howl Fall 2013

klaxon howl fashion show
klaxon howl fall 2013

This has got to be the most butch show at World Mastercard Fashion Week.  Klaxon Howl's men are rugged, rustic and looked like they just stepped in from chopping wood.  His fall 2013 collection looks like it was truly made for the outdoors man.

The models had real beards, not the ironic "hipster" beards you usually see in places like Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The fabrics were deeply textured, natural fibers obvious to the eye.  Lots of wool, cotton, with an old world, artisanal craftsmanship to the garments.  I think this collection looked incredibly stylish exactly for the reason that they were never trying to be stylish.  I know of a few large mainstream menswear labels who can only hope to produce a tribute the the authentic look seen here.

The show itself was striking.  They had a musician in the back, strumming away on an electric guitar while the diverse models strolled into spotlights around the room.  Their dramatically lit visages brought to mind the noir look of old westerns or faded photographs of grizzled fisherman.  The darkness and red mood lighting went perfectly with the understated rock n' roll sound of the music.

While this style of presentation looked great for guests, I have to say it was HELL on photographers. Every time I thought I had a great shot, the lighting changed and I lost it.  The top lighting shining down just caused the brims of hats to throw a dark shadow over the models faces.

Note to designers producing a fashion show: While a dramatic runway is great for the guests in attendance, they are only a small percentage of your total audience. The majority of your fans and customer base will be seeing your collection from magazines/tv/internet in photographs.  If they are badly lit, or photographers just can't get them, that is a lost opportunity.  You decide where your priorities need to be.

See Klaxon Howl's full collection here:
photos by David TW Leung

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