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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Wear Sheer to the Office

One of the biggest spring trends is to wear sheer.  While light, transparent fabrics are pretty to look at on the runway, how do you translate that to an appropriate outfit for work?  I'm talking about a proper office, outfits that don't get the raised eyebrow or a whisper behind your back.

Sheer doesn't have to mean a head-to-toe look.  An implied translucent part of the garment works just as well and counts as being on-trend.

You can pile on the layers.  A skirt with several layers of transparent fabric eventually becomes opaque.  You can have the full coverage you're comfortable with, but when you move, you will see a faint hint of sheer when your skirt swings.

Sheer can act as a trim instead of the main part of the garment.  A dress with an organza hem or mesh sleeves gives a sexy impression, but everything is covered and safe.  You can always add a blazer on top and a co-worker will still see maybe an inch or two of your trendy sheer neckline.

Do you remember the first season of HBO's "Girls"?  Jessa wears a flimsy voile nightgown to her job as a nanny.  You know you don't want to be that girl.  A sheer blouse can always be paired with a solid tank or camisole.  A flowing, easy silhouette looks great with a second fashionable top underneath.  You can keep the colors tonal, or choose an under-piece with a completely contrasting color to shake things up.

Did you think about putting sheers into accessories?  That is always the easiest way to incorporate any runway trend into your work wardrobe.  Silk chiffon scarves are lovely.  How about the lace sheer bootie?  

No matter how strict the dress code is at your office, there are plenty of ways to stay on top this season!  Now how about that promotion?

It’s Time for Springtime.

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