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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey Joe, what d'ya know... The once grocery store generic clothing brand from Loblaws crossed the border to become one of New York's and J.C. Penney's hottest labels.  Their fall 2013 collection last night at Toronto Fashion Week brought the palette back to a basic palette of black and white.

Leatherette motorcycle jackets, slim cigarette pants, chunky cropped sweaters, thin stripes and a few demure head scarves with knee length skirts gave the collection a 1950's rebel feel.  A few parkas, skull prints and camouflage patterns in shades of grey gave a rock n' roll feel to round out the show.  There were some nicely executed pleat details on skirts and jackets.  There were variations on peacoats.  There were a few embellished jeans that looked quite rich considering the price point I know they usually hit.  

Huge stores on 5th avenue and pop-up stores in the Hamptons have successfully fooled fashionistas on a budget into thinking Joe Fresh is the savvy savior from the mass saturation of H&M, but I'll always remember them as the label hanging next to my President's Choice chocolate chip cookies.

Kudos for their quick embrace by the American shopper.  Any Canadian fashion veteran knows the tough road to translating their local success to the south.  I have to think founder Joe Mimran must have had some fashion guidance from wife Kimberley (designer behind the label Pink Tartan) who also made success with New York and Toronto boutiques.

Now, if they would only sell those cookies at the Manhattan store...

photos by David TW Leung

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