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Friday, March 22, 2013

TORONTO FASHION WEEK: Korhani Home Fall 2013

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Disco queens, exotic film divas or Gothic brides?  The elaborate runway show of Korhani Home at Toronto Fashion Week gave you all of the above.  The home textile and interior decor company always puts on one of the most anticipated shows of World Mastercard fashion week for its elaborate styling.

Previous seasons incorporated teacup pigs and live parrots as accessories.  Sadly, no live animals were present on this catwalk.  Instead, the first 'act' was a gorgeous Gothic fantasy of deep purples, soft black, velvet texture, embroidery and ravens.  The models were styled in dramatic dark eye makeup and bride of Frankenstein wigs.

The second movement was inspired by vintage cinema starlets with art nouveau patterns and dusty neutrals and rose colors.  Turbans and feather embellishments were paired with fur-like stoles to evoke sassy ladies ready for their closeup.

The finale was a group inspired by a futuristic version of a Manhattan disco.  Graphic black, white and neon colors were worked into animal prints and Andy Warhol inspired patterns.  The models lined up and posed in their favorite Studio 54 style moves.

Creative director Kirsten Korhani crafted a very entertaining show.  A lot of work considering the fashions on the runway are one of a kind and never meant to be a true clothing collection.  It seems like an elaborate production to put on a fashion show and sell the fashion.  However, after some thought, I realized this company has managed to gain a huge amount of press for a product (rugs) that normally, would be very difficult for anyone to make interesting.  Kudos.

korhani designer
Photos by David TW Leung

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Tiffy Diamond said...

I didn't even notice they were rugs at first. That's really cool!

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