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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LAKME FASHION WEEK: Vaishali Shadangule's Ru-Ba-Ru

vaishali shadangule
400 female weavers from Assam collaborated with designer Vaishali Shadangule's spring 2013 collection, "Ru-Ba-Ru".  Using a handcrafted textile called Paat, the signature fabric of the villages of this Indian state, Vaishali restyled them into updated, modern renditions of traditional garb of her country.  Her fashion show was a beautiful representation of someone who bridges the pride of her culture and the contemporary style of her today.

Ms. Shadangule was originally a graduate in science from a small village. Her dreams of working in fashion brought her to Dubai.  Her label has grown in the past few seasons, including projects with retail houses, licenses and her very first menswear collection this season.

Photos courtesy of Genesis BM

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