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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trendspotting: Stripes for Spring

It's the most classic pattern in spring fashion.  Stripes seem simple at first, a timeless look that retailers and designers bring out year after year when the snow melts away.  However, there are so many ways to design them to look fresh every season.

The striped top has its roots in sailors uniforms, chic French gamines or even (yikes) mimes.  However, change out the traditional navy and white for variegated widths of stripes with this years trendy colors and you have a bright fashion staple for the season.

You can use engineered stripes and color blocking stripes as a graphic illusion.  The wide sections of bright colors on the dress above from Mossimo uses the striped, color block effect to lengthen the silhouette making your legs look like they go on forever.  Placing different widths and colors of stripes at different places on the body help the perception of maximizing curves or minimizing bumps like the Xhilaration dress on the left.  The examples above are the antidote to all of the old-fashioned myths about horizontal or vertical stripes making you thinner or wider.

If you're still paranoid that stripes might make you look like a prison inmate, you have a full range of accessories at your disposal.  A striped carryall tote, nautical flats, graphic rainboots, a scarf or a pop of pattern on a ribbon instantly give your outfit a fresh sunny update.

Are you ready to run your lines? Go forward and stripe out!

It’s Time for Springtime.
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1 comment:

Barbara Scott said...

Stripes are great when you want to look simple and stylish, choose a bright colored dress, wear it to a party and everyone will be smiling to you, it happens with me though.

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