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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Designer Opportunities! Project Runway, Entrepreneur MBA and Pop-Up Open Call

99 shop
The 99 Shop:
Fashion designers!  Indie entrepreneurs, get your empire started with a bunch of new opportunities... First up, get your retail on by getting your work in a boutique at Manhattan's trendy Lower East Side.  Pop-Up initiative, Republic Spaces is launching the 99 shop. Designers with fashion forward, contemporary design can rent a window, rack or cube for as little as $99/month to sell their collection. They are opening April 2013.  Apply now at their site. 

Design Entrepreneurs NYC:
Looking for a master class in business practices in the fashion industry?  Do you have the talent, but not the business degree or need extra networking opportunities?  Design Entrepreneurs NYC is taking applications before March 31, 2013 for designers.  The summer program is an intensive created by FIT and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.  Courses include financial management and getting your business plan together.  Apply here.

Project Runway:
If you're reading this blog, I don't think I need to explain what Project Runway is.  The 12th season of the television competition show is casting now.  Deadline for applications is April 8, 2013.  Submit your fabulous self here.

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