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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zang Toi Fall 2013

zang toi russian dress
zang toi fall 2013
The glamour of Imperial Russia was Zang Toi's muse for Fall 2013.  Think Anna Karenina, Princess Anastasia, opulent czarinas... The most luxurious fabrics were used, like silk velvet, fox fur, shearling or Loro Piana cashmere.  Jeweled embroidery embellished the borders of dresses and shawls.  Even a basic tee is given the luxe treatment with hand beading.    Zang had always wanted to visit the Soviet Union, and finally got his chance last Thanksgiving.  He fell in love with Peterhof palace and patterns in his fabrics were inspired by the various rooms.  A cocoon-like coat at the beginning of the show was a tribute to the Faberge egg.

Zang Toi is adored by his guests, celebrities, his staff and even the grumpy photo pit.  Why?  He has the rare ability to make everyone around him feel like royalty.  His fashion collection does that every season, while reaching for inspiration from all over the globe.    This show has always been a highlight for everyone going to Mercedes-Benz fashion week and this one was no exception!

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