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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Byron Lars Fall 2013

byron lars dress
 I have made no secret that Byron is one of my all time favorite designers.  This Fall 2013 collection left me drooling and upset that I would not be able to get my hands on it for my closet for another few months.

Byron was inspired by his fabrics this season, many that he developed himself over the past few seasons.  There was a gorgeous leather-like laminated lace fabric that was made into a fitted dress and sexy jacket.  There were fabric fused neoprene outfits in super bright colors as well as faux leather paillette pieces.  Animal lovers, you will be happy to learn that no actual animal skins were used in this collection.

Byron's clothes look fantastic on ladies with curves as they are seamed, pieced and fitted for the shape of the ultra feminine body.  These are not clothes for the wallflower... They make every woman a diva!
byron lars fall 2013

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