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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fashion Designer Quotes - Part 2

When did fashion designers become the sages of our time? Their wit and wisdom now dominate some of the most popular Tumblr accounts.  Here are some of the best fashion designer quotes on the net:

kors project runway
One of the funniest new Tumblr accounts is Kor's Metaphors.  It takes screenshots from Project Runway and lists the Michael Kor's most scathing critiques.  Among the best gems:

"She just looked like rigatoni Mad Max"
"So she's a Snuggie designer?"
"She's borderline Teletubby".
"The blouse is just like a souffle that flopped."
"If the challenge was to make something for a 70 year old to go sit in a mall and get back to the house early so she can watch television, then you succeeded." 

Karl Lagerfeld (aka the Kaiser) has been to known for many sharp tongued statements.  That's why I am impressed with Karl Lagerfeld Quotes.  They have collected many of Karl's most inspirational statements as spoken from an artist.  Don't get me wrong, they haven't completely avoided fierce little quips...

"If you throw money out of the window throw it out with joy. Don’t say ‘one shouldn’t do that’––that is bourgeois."
"My thing is to work more than the others to show them how useless they are."
"Looking like an S&M fanatic without being one is grotesque."

He doesn't have a Tumblr, but he does have a Tim Gunn Twitter account.  Mentor to wannabe designers on Project Runway, he first started out as the education administrator at my alma mater, Parsons School of Design.  He has never claimed superior knowledge of fashion, and I love the fact that he lists "Educator" first among his many titles.  I also respect that he doesn't do the usual thing of pandering to the hottest personalities of current media:

"I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don't think that that should be perpetuated. I'm sorry I'm sounding like an old farty snob but it bothers me."

He called out Anna Wintour on having the worst Diva behavior by recounting something he witnessed: 
"I was with a colleague from Parsons, and we had been discussing the will-she-or-won't-she-take-the-elevator question, so we ran over to the elevator bay to see if Anna would deign to get on. She wasn't there. Then we looked over the stairway railing. And what did we see but Anna being carried down the stairs. The bodyguards had made a fireman's lock and were racing her from landing to landing. She was sitting on their crossed arms."

He was pressured to recount the story, and he refused, saying: 
 "Accept responsibility for your own behavior. If you're going to be carried down five flights of stairs, own up to it."

Always a good teacher:  “You can be too rich and too thin, but you can never be too well read or too curious about the world.” 

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