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Friday, August 17, 2012

Stuttgart Textile Knitting Design - Master Class

stuttgart fashion design

What are the capabilities of a knitting machine? Jersey? Rib? The textile design students of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art set out to explore that question in their recent exhibit, "Flamboyant". In collaboration with Stoll America and Zegna Baruffa lane Borgosesia, the designers created fashion creations of amazing knitting design.

I never thought that a machine was capable of the type of fringe, loops, pleating, tubes and fur textures that I witnessed at this exhibit.  The Stoll America facility in Midtown Manhattan has a range of machines where designers can learn different techniques of this rapidly changing technology.

Designers like Velia Dietz, Pina Jax, Sophie Probst and Sara Wendler previously had little to no actual fashion experience.  They primarily focused on textiles.  However, with a period of trial and error, they were able to create fantastic, couture quality creations that any fashion house would be proud to claim as their own.

Machine knitting is a very complex process.  It used to be that each panel had to be knit separately, then linked together for a garment.  Now machines can create fully finished clothing with techniques one had only seen in woven fabrics.  Stoll has a huge library as a creative resource for designers to research as inspiration.

Are you ready to spin some yarn?

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