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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cats in Fashion, Choupette to Hello Kitty

karl lagerfeld cat

I've always said it...Fashion is not for pussies. I stand corrected. In the last few years, cats in fashion have been making a big splash in the media.

Choupette is the famous familiar of Karl Lagerfeld. Her overnight fame (she has made appearances in WWD, I-D magazine and now her own photo editorial in V-magazine) is not just for obvious cuteness, but the thought of an often intimidating designer doting on a sweet cat. Karl is often quoted for words that sound unforgiving or harsh, so his affection for the little fluffball shows a different side of him. Perhaps our obsession with Choupette is a projection of our own fantasies. Who wouldn't want the kaiser of Chanel doting on US while flying us in a private jet while two separate maids care for us?

Matilda is the legendary cat of the Algonquin Hotel. Her annual birthday party has turned into an elaborate feline fashion show benefit.. Matilda is an icon of the historical inn (there have been several versions of her). She has social media accounts where she Instagrams her #OOTDs as well as employs a social secretary. She is more socialite than many of the bolded names in gossip columns.

hello kitty fashion

Hello Kitty has always been a fashion icon to the Kawaii set since way back in 1974.  The fashionable feline has her own clothing collection (of course). She is expanding her style empire with collaborations with lingerie brand Hanky Panky, in makeup with M.A.C. cosmetics , fast fashion with Forever 21 and soon to be high fashion with Yohji Yamamoto.

Maybe that crazy aunt you had with the ugly cat Christmas sweater was just ahead of her time...

Photos from V-magazine, Time Out NY, Harper's Bazaar,Girly bubble

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