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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lakme Fashion Week Highlights 2013

lakme fashion week
Lakme Fashion Week 2013 is one of the largest fashion events for home grown designers in South Asia.  The designers range from elegant renditions of traditional dress to elaborate showpieces of the country's crafts.  Other designers brought their global aesthetic to modern collections, and some just strive to be artists.

Krishna Mehta's show (above) was a mix of simple silhouettes in a feminine color palette.  She used her knowledge of textiles and crafts to create opulent embroideries, fabric treatments and adding in Japanese shibori techniques as well.

Rajat K. Tangri's collection was called "La Cosa Nostra".  He designed men's and women's looks in dramatic, dark colors, baroque influences and art deco jewelry.
Wendell Rodricks took traditional Indian garments of kurtas and saris and created a simple, clean collection .  There was a grouping of subdued natural colors as well as groups with pops of turquoise and cranberry.  Color blocking, geometric shapes, linen and silk organza gave soft, but bold statements on the runway.
Photos courtesy of Lakme Fashion Week/img

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