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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nick Cave Soundsuits

nick cave

Sometimes you have to walk away from the runway for inspiration.  I caught the last day of the Nick Cave "For Now" exhibit at the Mary Boone gallery on Saturday.  Where is the fine line between fashion and art?

Surely the Alexander McQueen exhibit blurred that line quite a bit.  Nick Cave is a well respected performance artist know for his "soundsuits".  Based on the crowd at the gallery, he wields a lot of stylish influence as well.  The use of color in the furs are flamboyant and chic.  The intricate beaded pieces would make established couturiers drool.  Elaborately intertwined twigs make into a suit, meticulously knitted fingers all would make a production manager if an avant-garde designer presented him with such a creation.  Found objects are re-purposed into the most dramatic headdress...ever.

Designers in the fashion industry too often get dragged down into a rut fighting with production costs, wearability and media demands.  Thank goodness, true artists can extend a hand to remind creatives what they are truly meant to do.

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