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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lolita Fashion at New York Comic-Con

lolita fashion nycc
Vogue may not have attended, but the Lolita fashion panels at New York Comic-Con last weekend was a significant style event to a niche part of the world.  Lolita fashion draws fans in with romanticized silhouettes, over-sized cute bows and ruffles, sweet colors, or the spin-off Gothic Lolitas prefer dark colors.

Designers like Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson have presented looks in this vein on their runways over the years.  The roots of the movement came from Japan's Harajuku district.  In New York, there are large meetup groups that gather so they can dress up and have tea parties.

The silhouette should be pouffy skirt or flared.  A crinoline is key.  Lace, ribbons, prints.  Accessories are very important.  A handbag in the shape of a heart, fruit, stuffed animal or butterfly works.  For shoes, Mary Janes and Victorian heels are desirable.    

This fashion movement is not for those who take themselves too seriously.  It's fun, it's girly and invites you to live out childhood princess fantasies.

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