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Sunday, October 23, 2011

TORONTO FASHION WEEK: Sarah Stevenson Spring 2012

sara stevenson
Art imitates life. Fashion imitates art. Sarah Stevenson, a relative newcomer to Toronto Fashion Week presented a mix of all three last week.  This was the designer's third season to the city's official fashion events.  She took inspiration from nature's gifts, many from her own backyard.
Ms. Stevenson then created intricate floral artwork by hand.  The artwork was then meticulously reproduced in creative placements on dresses.  The prints are so vivid, they seem to blossom out at you right out of the fabric.

Speaking of her own backyard, Sarah makes a lot of effort to produce ethical, sustainable clothing in her home country of Canada.  A sponsor for the show were Cheeky Green Bags, which produce chic eco-friendly shoppers with the intent that they are actually stylish enough for you to want to tote them.

If you are feeling blue from the barren winter that lies before us, look no further than Sarah Stevenson's garden to cheer you up.
Photos by Ching Leung

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