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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wacoal's How to Fit Yourself for a Bra

Does your cup runneth over?  Do they ride up, shift, make you uncomfortable, or make you yearn for the braless days of your ancestors?

Wacoal hosted a bra-fitting event at the penthouse of the London Hotel to coach women into outfitting their tatas for maximum appeal.  Most women already wear the wrong sized bra because they are unaware of their own proportions.  Almost all women are not symmetrical from one breast to the other.

I always assumed as a fashion industry professional, I had my girls in the right sized bra.  Every measurement chart appeared to confirm this.  After a fitting with Wacoal's regional manager Dawn Kenney, I discovered I was wrong.  With one glance, she informed me that the band was too large and the cups too small.  Now, my cups never did run over, and the band didn't slide up (the obvious signs of the wrong size).  She measured several points and confirmed that while the numbers said one thing, her expertise directed her to have me try on another size.  

I was pleasantly surprised to find that a bra size that I never thought I would wear instantly felt more secure and tailored under my clothes.  Ms. Kenney confirmed that having the right bra lifts your chest into fitting the proportions of clothes and can take ten pounds off your overall look.  

Her advice for fitting the lopsided rack?  Find bras with good stretch along the center front edge of the cups.  The helps to support and fit different sized breasts.  Another tip?  Look for seamed cups and lining along the side of the cup for tailored shape.  

One of the most perplexing things about attending events like this is that I end up spending lots of money afterward.  Due to my fuller sized bra requirements, it is very difficult to find delicate pretty underthings to fit me well.  I was ecstatic (my wallet begged to differ) to find that they had a huge selection of gorgeous lingerie to fit me the way I needed to.  I ended up buying five new sets of bras the day after!

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