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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Steampunk Fashion at Webster Hall

steampunk fashion

steampunk costume
Take a step back in time to an alternate universe…A very elaborate one at that.  Legendary NYC nightclub Webster Hall (once home to Surrealist balls with Salvador Dali) hosted The Anachronism’s Steampunk: Visit to Edo event Sunday. 

Steampunk started as a literary movement blending historical time periods with science fiction.  It quickly spread to a fashion movement too, encompassing corsetry, tailored pieces, intricate brass ornamentation and vintage mechanical gears.  The movement is very inclusive and for this event, incorporated the culture of Japan.

Outfits of guests ranged from courtly Renaissance, to studious spectacled gentlemen.  Corseted kimonos were popular, with many ensembles made by hand by artists and crafters themselves. 

My favorite of the day had to belong to Genevieve of the band, Psyche Corporation, who co-sponsored the event.  She had a fantastic outfit crafted from vintage spindles and spools. 

The event had a fashion show, music and even a cosplay burlesque showcase.  (Though to be honest, the actual talent level varied greatly).  The cocktail menu was appropriately themed, ranging from the "Tesla Coil" and "Clockwork Lotus" and an entire section devoted to Absinthe.

In a city of strict fashion trends, wouldn't it be nice to step into fantasy?

photos by Adam Weinstein

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